GHS Testing Facility Australia

To be able to design and engineer new systems first you must understand their performance and although we use finite analysis and other computer modeling the best way is to physically test them so Glass Hardware Systems Australia was born in 2018.

With state of the art facilities and testing equipment we can confirm results and re engineer requirements to prove concepts are fit for the purpose as intended.

The Facility is very effective when doing Custom Project work. This allows us to physically test and meet any building requirements around the world

As a specialized glass railing testing facility we carry more than 600 panels of glass in stock from 6 mm to 31.52 mm thickness so that we can test for 95% of any situation immediately from stock.

Our facility is now going through in house NATA and ASTM accreditation but in the meantime we cooperate with the various partners to certify for these and most codes in the world include UK and European standards.

We can work with your local engineer to get fast effective test results and as a regular customer this service is generally free of charge.

We will soon add a missile testing facility to our capacity as part of our ongoing partnership with Sentry Glass (Kuraray/SGP) and new system development program.