Product information

Our Very Unique PRO-BLADE Bar Post Systems are Extremely pleasant to install. With a complete range of fittings to make this system work wherever it is installed makes this system so special.
This system can come in any size, thickness and width that is required for your next project. The versatility of this system and being fully modular is what makes this the Premiem choice.


Product Features

  • Duplex 2205 Higher Strength Ultra Marine Stainless Steel for more than DOUBLE THE YIELD STRENGTH and SUPERIOR CORROSION RESISTANCE THAN 316L
  • Available in top fixed, side fixed and inground applications.
  • Suitable for glass from 10-17.52mm, NO HOLES IN GLASS
  • 10mm and 12mm thick bar optional
  • 180°, left end, right end, 90° internal, 90° external and staircase models
  • Full range of saddles for 30 OD, 380D, 42.4 OD, 48.3 OD, 50.8 OD round handrail andsquare handrail options
  • Available in satin, polished, Titan Pro-kote in black gloss / black brushed / black matt /gold gloss / gold brushed / gold matt and powder coat finishes
  • Faster and better installations GUARANTEED! . Custom made to suit any project