At Hardware and Glass we have a Huge Selection of Glass panels available to you. Whether it be Custom sized Glass to suit your specific Project, Standardized Panels for Balustrade and Pool Fence Warehouse stock Or Curved Glass for those High end projects. WE DO IT ALL !

Types of Glass Available

  • Ultra Clear
  • Monolithic
  • Curved Glass
  • Heat Soaked
  • Heat Strengthened
  • SGP Sentry Glass
  • PVB Polyvinyl butyral
  • EVA ethylene vinyl acetate



Product Features

  • Invented in the 1990s for hurricane windborne debris regions
  • Up to 100x stiffer & 5x more fear resistant than PVB
  • Available in UltraClear and translucent white
  • Excellent exposed edge performance
  • Excellent post breakage performance
  • Filters up to 99% UV below 380 nm
  • The preferred inter layer for the structural glass market


HEAT SOAKING is an extra processing step that takes place after glass is toughened.

Glass is put in special racks and placed in a heat soak oven which heats up the panels to a certain temperature, holding this temperature for some hours, and cooling again to room temperature. This test seeks to induce breakage in the oven of any panel with Nis inclusion and hence reduce the chance of onsite breakages.

What is heat strengthening? Heat strengthening is a process applied to ordinary annealed float. It is processed through the furnace (similar to toughened glass) but is not Grade A safety glass. Heat strengthened glass is approximately 2 times stronger than ordinary annealed whereas toughened glass is approximately 5 times stronger than ordinary annealed and also grade a safety glass. Heat strengthened glass, when broken will break into large pieces and will not shatter into smaller pieces like toughened glass.