about us

With extensive skill sets from over 40 years of industry experience Hardware and Glass Group is already the fastest expanding glass hardware system designer with multiple and international award winning patented systems.

Glass hardware designing started with the invention of Spigots or Windscreen clamps in 2003. Initially Hardware and Glass Group have been recognized as the innovators and market leaders of frameless glass hardware systems throughout Australia and New Zealand and now as global suppliers.

Although actively involved with manufacturing in China since 2005, the opening of the Hong Kong and Chinese offices in 2011 provided the base for rapid growth by opening our own manufacturing factories and securing joint venture agreements with the best Chinese manufacturers.



All our products come with lifetime manufacturing and design warranties and we offer maintenance schedules for each range of products

Price Guarantee

Our base in China provides us to offer the world’s best Glass Hardware Systems at the best possible price while maintaining world class quality control of all aspects of our production, we offer the best price for the best quality guaranteed.

Customers own designs

With a design office of 13 we have the unique ability to re-engineer our customer’s own designs a little or a lot, usually without the cost of the tooling. Our finite analysis system allows us to make all types of fittings more cost effective and stronger through the use of engineering and extensive experience.

3D Metal Printer

We have invested in our own 3D metal printer so that we can quickly develop new designs for physical testing and certification and the ability to provide fast track samples worldwide.

Video Engineer Testing

Our Australian partner organization, owned by my sons in Australia, offers a full real time video testing facility to meet standards of any country, with our on line log in facility for our customer’s engineer, testing can be viewed in real time or by video file upload as a way to fast track testing on all products.

We not only test hardware, we test glass hardware systems and offer a complete supply package to meet any countries requirements, quickly and efficiently.

our mission

To be the acknowledged as the leading glass hardware designers and manufacturers worldwide.