Hardware and Glass Group are the recognized as the Number 1 designer and manufacturer of unique glass hardware systems supplying to more than 70 customers in 20 countries across 5 continents.

Focusing on unique and innovative products. Our designs have been developed with the emphasis on world class quality creating opportunities for our distributors to be the leaders in their markets.

Our systems are offered with full engineering and finite analysis as well as comprehensive product training in sales, marketing and installation through 4D max video presentations and our onsite personal training systems for our major distributor network.

We also provide full graphics design, and individualized product promotional and packing services for all our customers.

Being China based gives us many advantages in price and service but our real strength is our almost 40 years experience in this field focusing on innovation – we are confident you cannot find better.
A new world of innovation awaits you so contact us today and be pleasantly surprised what a pleasure we are to deal with.





Custom Stainless Steel Pin System
Create a professional plan for any provided project.
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Adjustable Stand Off Pin System
The unique Superior adjustable standoff pin system
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Base Chanel System With Handrail
Modern and top-quality constructions for your project
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2205 Duplex Spigots Adagio Project
Our company create new and unique spaces
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Residential & Commercial Aluminium
Innovative frameless glass hardware systems
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